Webinar "The future of deal-making: Dialllog's breakthrough in integrated CRM solutions"

In the constantly changing world of business and technology, the process of making deals is undergoing significant transformation. In a recent webinar, Karina Collis, CEO of Dialllog, and Peter Globokar, senior investment banker and chairman of Dialllog, discussed the future of deal-making and the impact of integrated CRM solutions on this field.

Highlights of the conversation

Embracing Change in the M&A Landscape: The M&A industry is witnessing a significant transformation towards more integrated and collaborative methods. This shift is driven by the evolving landscape of M&A deal-making, highlighting the importance of technology in shaping its future.

The End of the Post-Covid Era: The current M&A landscape, post the "Covid party" era of 2021 and 2022, is characterized by reduced activity. While the market currently shows reduced volumes and valuations, leading to a cautious outlook, there's optimism about an upswing in M&A volumes in the long term, supported by private equity and strategic growth initiatives.

Shifting from Individualism to Collaboration: Traditionally, M&A has been an individualistic pursuit. However, there's a growing emphasis on collaboration due to intensifying competition and sector specialization among investment banks. This change necessitates modern tools that promote teamwork and enhance productivity.

The Kingdom of Excel and PowerPoint: Despite the passage of time, many in the industry still rely on traditional tools like Excel and PowerPoint. This reliance underscores the need for a comprehensive platform capable of handling all aspects of deal-making, from sourcing to transaction execution.

Addressing the CRM Dilemma: In investment banking, there has been a reluctance to adopt CRMs due to their complexity and perceived intrusiveness. The industry requires simpler, more collaborative platforms that can manage the complex relationships and projects typical in M&A and fundraising.

The Vision for a Dealmaking Platform: Envisioning a platform that transforms productivity, the ideal solution would manage contacts, conversations, and processes in one place, addressing the dysfunction of separating deal sourcing from execution. This approach is especially crucial as the industry trends towards sector specialization.

Integration and Simplicity: Effective deal-making requires the integration of email, third-party data, file storage, and automated workflows. The focus is on simplicity, aiming to be as intuitive as an email inbox or messaging app. This contrasts with the complexity of systems like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, often deterring senior professionals.

Overcoming Information Sharing Hesitations: In investment banking, the hesitation to share information stems from the fear of losing deals or prospects to colleagues. Overcoming this requires fostering a collaborative culture, essential for successful partnerships.

Conclusion: The industry is invited to explore new platforms that promise to fundamentally change productivity in deal-making. These platforms represent a leap towards a more integrated, efficient, and collaborative future in M&A, overcoming traditional hurdles and embracing a new era of tech-driven efficiency and partnership.

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