Moving to Dialllog in 7 days
We know how painful it is to move your data from one application to another.

We provide fast, personalised and secure transfer and onboarding of your historic data from multiple sources. Free for the first 50 enquiries
Move your data from another platform in a week

to focus on what matters

Predictive analytics

fit-for-purpose templates

Hellicopter view of relatonships

Information sharing with your team

Smart reminders

Single source of truth

Dealflow Traker

Decluttered Interfaces


Improved LP communications

Investment KPI tracker

Full investment life-cycle tools

Fundraising tracker

Due diligence portal

portfolio overview

to save time

Communication tracker

Email Integration

All-in-one Place

Evaluation scorecards

Data enrichment

Easy no-code hypercustomisation

ESG tracker

Notetaking on the go

Mass Mailing

Fast Smart Search

web forms

Automated KPI requests from investees


Encrypted data

Approved by Google Security

2FA Team access management

Multi-level Permissions

Daily backups

Dedicated instance

Moving to Dialllog in 7 days
✔ All your team's contacts
✔ All your communications history
✔ All KPIs and custom data
Transfer data from another application
Our team will lead data migration process:

Dialllog was Designed from zero for:
Investment banks
PE funds
VC funds
Family offices
Corporate finance
Consulting firms
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