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Dialllog M&A CRM is a project-based CRM software solution specifically designed for Merges and Acquisitions, Investment Banking, and Corporate Finance teams. It drives every aspect of the deal lifecycle, from marketing to closing by bringing together relationship management, mandate execution, business development, and client coverage into a single, integrated platform.

Time to upgrade from spreadsheets and emails, information silos and inefficient coordination. Dialllog brings all your team's work into one dedicated M&A and Investment Banking CRM that enables data-driven workflows and frees up your mind to focus on what matters.

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Enjoy clarity: market relationships organised by projects
ALL IN ONE: from winning pitches to marketing and closing deals
Enjoy clarity - information organised right from the beginning
Manage all your workflows from fundraising to investment management and LP communication
Moving to Dialllog in 7 days
Dialllog CRM has teamed up with the leading financial data provider Dealroom to help you make some smart investments without the headache of manual data entry

Get rid of that boring data entry

What Makes Dialllog M&A CRM 100% Unique?

  • Structure and clarity of M&A conversations. Mandates organised into workflows
  • Email integration with powerful access rights and permissions to automate processes
  • Intuitive to use.
    De-cluttered interfaces to keep data organized and simple
See for yourself how easy it is to set up Dialllog and centralise your team's exchange of information
Get instant views of all current and past activity between your team and your ecosystem. Dialllog helps you keep track of all the conversations, in real time, across any topic. Get insights from past interactions to drive new ones.
Understand and manage your team's relationships with clients and prospects. Nurture connections, coordinate multi-stage interactions, manage a prioritised coverage plan, never miss that pitch opportunity again.
Design the right approach plan and execute on narrow or wide outreach processes with the help of personalised and automated email communications. Track overall marketing progress within KanBan charts and drill into each dialog to plan the next move.

M&A Relationship Management


M&A Transaction

One CRM For All Your Deals. Past, Present & Future.

Be on top of your firm's experience with consultants and advisors, reward the best referals, motivate your partners to bring you more deals, communicate regularly with newsletters.

Partners & Advisors Management

Co-ordinate multiple advisors and work-streams, manage information requests, track completion levels and use GANTT charts to manage comprehensive due diligence processes.

M&A Due Diligence

Manage your pipeline of ongoing and potential deal opportunities in one place, dynamically. Allocate and manage your team resources to be ready at the right time with the right answers. Track progress of your live deals and your prospecting.

M&A Deal Flow

Benefits of Using a CRM Designed Specifically for Investment Bankers

Dialllog's CRM for investment banking serves as the operating system and the control room for all your team members, in the office, remotely or on the go, making you win and close more mandates as a team.
Win mandates faster.
Dialllog M&A CRM supports your prospecting process in multiple ways, helping you understand contact history with your team, connections between companies and integrating key company data from Dealroom. Dialllog significantly enhances your prospecting pipeline with key data.

Use relationship insights to close deals faster.

Having the right connections and insights can give you a unique advantage over your competitors. Dialllog can help you tap into the power of your team's network to prospect and market deals more effectively. With Dialllog's cutting-edge technology, your team's collective network is automatically captured, along with every contact you've pitched a deal to in the past. Using Dialllog's insights, you can not only see who in your team knows whom, but you can also identify up-to-date pointers on potential interest and approach channels. Dialllog can identify the ideal connection for your next deal by analysing and assessing every relationship. With Dialllog merges and acquisitions CRM you can streamline the deal-building process and achieve faster closures.
Automating the creation of CRM records.
Dialllog simplifies CRM data management by automating the creation of company and contact profiles, liberating your team from manual data entry. This saves your team's time and energy, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Dialllog also adds relevant industry information from Dealroom to each company record. By capturing all client and buyer interactions, Dialllog enables swift identification of previous engagements about M&A deals and creation of targeted buyer lists.
Send emails to all potential buyers with one click
With our powerful search feature, you can filter buyers within your team's network to match your criteria, saving you hours and ensuring that you close deals faster. Once the right counterparties are in your workflow, you can launch email campaigns and send personalised intro emails. By tracking who opens emails and who spends time reading information, you can gauge early interest in the deal.
On-the-go note taking and easy sharing of notes with your colleagues

Other M&A Benefits

Team collaboration, team management, pipeline management
Clear deal progression metrics, statistics, progress visualisaiton and reporting
Security and Confidentiality at the core of the platform. Extensive permissions management.
Email and calendar integration with advanced privacy settings
"Plug-and-play" onboarding of historic data sets and legacy CRM data
De-cluttered Interfaces
Focus on what matters with a minimalistic monochromatic design. We recreate silence allowing you to focus on your next VC success.
Mailbox & Calendar
Define what emails will flow into Dialllog and who will see what. You are always in control.
Permission management
Define who can see what in your team. If you are working on a sensitive deal, it is easy to close the project so that only key stakeholders have access to the information
of Data
Dialllog is the only CRM to provide you with a dedicated encrypted server that is based in your country. It will allow you to comply with all data regulations and sleep tight.
Moving to Dialllog in 7 days
We know how painful it is to move your data from one application to another.

We provide fast, personalised and secure transfer and onboarding of your historic data from multiple sources. Free for the first 50 enquiries
Move your data from another platform in a week

Why our customers love Dialllog CRM
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Our mission

At Dialllog, our mission is to help businesses build deeper, more meaningful connections with their ecosystem participants.
We do this by providing a more meaningful and efficient way to organise ecosystem relationship information and fostering collaboration.
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