#1 Deal-making

Manage all your company data with one tool

Dialllog private capital management software brings all of your firm's data and activities into one place
removing information silos.

Find the needle in the haystack
Search across Venture Capital companies, contacts, projects as well as attached files with Smart Deep Search

Start your day with a clear vision
  • Define your agenda and be on top of every conversation
  • Build your ideal workflow to work your way

AUTOMATE your VC workflow to free up your valuable time
  • Instantly build your own workflow with customisable templates
  • Manage the team's access to sensitive information

See your team's connections with an Integration to your mailbox

Bring all your firm's information into one platform FOR A single source of truth


Focus on what really matters

Fundraise faster
> Focus on the right investors
Accelerate any fundraising process by prioritising your most engaged LPs and focusing on new strategic LPs that fit best your investment criteria.

> Improve your IR communication
Send emails to your potential investors and monitor their engagement. Improve your

> Collaborate to fundraise with ease
If you are fundraising on behalf of a company, invite them to the platform to track the fundraising process.
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Develop investor communication
> Share information in real-time
Each step of the investor relations lifecycle may be streamlined and shared

> Track investor communication
Track all your interactions with investors to build relationships and leverage them in the future

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–°ollaborate with your team
  • Set up a list of the team members to lead every workflow
  • The team members are always aligned and notified about the progress of the project
  • Define who can access and contribute information
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Manage team's Tasks and Todo's
  • Create tasks not to miss important steps and follows
  • Assign tasks to team members and set up reminders and email notifications
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Benefits of Embedded Inbox
Access the embedded inbox within the CRM interface with a single click, eliminating the need to switch between your CRM and mailbox.
Contact overview
Instantly see which contacts are already in the CRM upon opening the inbox. Easily add new contacts to the CRM if they are not already listed.
Communication History
With a single click, view the communication history between you, your team members, and each contact. Quickly review past conversations for valuable context before responding.
Streamlined Replies
Respond to messages directly from the inbox, ensuring efficient communication without the need to switch between multiple platforms.
Set threads to be invisible to other users directly from the inbox. All future incoming emails in those threads will also be invisible.
Easily identify which threads are already attached to workflows and effortlessly attach important threads to workflows. All future incoming emails in attached threads will be automatically included in the workflow.
What's in it for you and your team?
  • Collaborative Advantage
    Enable effective collaboration within teams by sharing contact-related insights and coordinating responses directly within the CRM platform.
  • Improved Productivity
    Eliminate the need to juggle multiple applications by using the embedded inbox, providing a unified interface for managing contacts and communication. Stay focused and productive
  • Enhanced Relationship
    Gain instant access to contact information and communication history, allowing you to deliver personalized and informed responses, ultimately enhancing the overall customer service experience.

unique insights based on
the complete history record
of every relationship

  • Leverage data
    to discover
    unique opportunities
  • Set new joiners for success with the entire picture of your workflows in one single software
  • Power your investment decisions with robust relationship data
Moving to Dialllog in 7 days
We know how painful it is to move your data from one application to another.

We provide fast, personalised and secure transfer and onboarding of your historic data from multiple sources. Free for the first 50 enquiries
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