Only collaborative PE funds win.
Time to stop information silos.

Private Equity CRM for Full Investment Lifecycle

Dialllog centralises information to focus on what matters
Dialllog is an all-in-one CRM for private equity funds, designed specifically for PE teams to manage their entire investment lifecycle.
Upgrade from endless Excel spreadsheets, random docs and notes, and the endless web of emails. Dialllog brings all the data into one dedicated Private Equity software platform to create data-driven workflows and free up your mind to focus on what matters.

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Enjoy clarity: - information organised right from the beginning of the investment process
ALL IN ONE: from fundraising to PE deal flow management and LP communications
Enjoy clarity - information organised right from the beginning
Manage all your workflows from fundraising to investment management and LP communication

What Makes Dialllog Private Equity CRM 100% unique:

Structure and clarity of PE data. Dialogs organised around projects
Ultrafast deep search retrieves the information you need, even within attached files
Intuitive to use.
De-cluttered interfaces to keep it simple

See for yourself how easy is to set up Dialllog to centralise your PE fund's exchange of information

Bring speed into your PE fundraising process
Gain efficiency in your dealflow management pipeline
Manage the deep dive in one place transparently

Fundraising and Investor Relations

Deal Pipeline

Due Diligence

Dialllog CRM Covers the Entire PE Investment Lifecycle

Get the best overview of all your portfolio to see who leads
Send reports and newsletters, keep all LP communications in one place
Be on top of your firm's conversations with suppliers and vendors

Portfolio Overview

LP Management

Suppliers & Vendors

Track board meetings, special projects or exit discussions with your portfolio companies

Investment Management


Manage co-investors, lenders and relationships with your ecosystem
On-the-go note taking that is easy to share with your colleagues

Dialllog CRM Features

Team collaboration and information sharing
Clear deal progression metrics, statistics, pipeline visualisaiton and reporting
Security and Privacy are at the core of the platform. Easy to manage permissions
Email integration with advanced privacy settings so everyone sees only the right information
"Plug-and-play" CRM for PE funds, easy to set up and customemise.

Challenges faced by Private equity firms

Leveraging relationships to win best deals
Private equity funds need a way to bring together all connections and conversations they have, including data scattered across many different platforms to win deals over the competition. It includes leveraging industry relationships built by different team members, getting notified by the network about interesting opportunities and gaining insights into who are key decision makers and what it takes to win.
Dialllog helps to achieve it by aggregating all the relationships under one platform.
Team Collaboration
The overall private capital industry is infamous for being untransparent and non-collaborative. However, time has changed and it is more challenging to win the best deals on their own. But by working as a team, collaborating and sharing information a team is empowered to increase its chances to succeed
Dialllog delivers a way to seamlessly share ideas and updates across the firm.

Data Security to protect privacy
Private equity funds work with sensitive and material information. A security breach of this information of this data can be extremely risky and hazardous. That is why Dialllog pays special attention to the security of the platform and data security in particular. Dialllog provides dedicated client servers, encryption and daily backups to meet regulatory requirements, ensure compliance with GDPR, and CCPA and prevent any threat to sensitive data. Read more about security here.

Benefits of Implementing Dialllog CRM for a Private Equity fund

Dialllog CRM for Private equity funds helps overcome the challenges faced by the industry overall by providing a centralised all-in-one relationship interactive database.
Get better visibility
With many companies to manage, important information easily gets lost. Dialllog delivers an efficient system for tracking financial history, previous interactions, and data.

Get a detailed overview of all everyone your know, including their financial documents, assets, and data in one place.

Increase team productivity
Dialllog improves visibility into your team's network and brings together all the data.

On average any team with no CRM spends up to 30 days every year on searching for information. With Dialllog's smart search there is no need to chase colleagues and a middle office for some clients' information.

Replace them all with Dialllog,
the all-in-one CRM for PE funds

We have removed the pain of switching CRM with our assisted migration

Don't bend to the ordinary,
forge your workstyle with Dialllog
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