9 April, 2023

karina collis

Ditch Manual Data Entry: Dialllog CRM Partners with Dealroom.co for Smarter Investments

Press release

Dialllog CRM, an innovative provider of customer relationship management software for venture capital and private equity funds as well as corporate finance advisors, is excited to announce a new partnership with Dealroom.co, a leading international data provider that focuses on the venture capital and growth ecosystem. The partnership will allow Diallog CRM to provide comprehensive data enhancements to its users and eliminate manual data entry.
Partnership between Dialllog CRM for investors and Dealroom
Both companies are committed to providing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to their clients and have worked together to deliver seamless integration of their services. The partnership will lead to an increase in market share and sustainable growth for both companies.

Dialllog CRM for investors replaces legacy funnel-focused CRMs, which capture less than 30% of critical business information, with a workflow ecosystem management tool. In Dialllog, all external and team activities and communications are organized into workflows, all information is managed in one place. The platform focuses on enabling teams with insights for action, driving collaboration with automation, and acts as the single source of truth for the team at all times.

Dealroom.co provides comprehensive data on companies, investors, and industries, using a combination of AI and human expertise to collect, verify and analyze information. With this partnership, Dialllog's clients will have access to Dealroom's extensive data sets, allowing them to enrich their customer data with additional insights such as funding rounds, growth metrics, and other relevant data points.

"We are thrilled to partner with Dealroom.co to provide our clients with access to valuable data that will help them better understand their ecosystem of relationships with co-investors, LPs, partners and companies they invest in," said Karina Collis, CEO of Dialllog CRM.

"From day one, our clients requested data enrichment to analyze potential co-investors, LPs, and investees more quickly. They told us they consider Dealroom data to be the most reliable. I later learned that Dealroom is unique due to its focus on data collection. They collect data from various sources, partner with industry players, and have their own research team. In contrast, other data providers rely primarily on user-generated data, which affects the accuracy and completeness of the data. We didn't want that for our users.

By using Dealroom's data enrichment services, our clients can work more efficiently, gain a distinctive competitive edge by combining their insights with Dealroom data, and ultimately drive business growth."

Karina Collis, CEO of Dialllog CRM.

This partnership comes at a time when businesses are increasingly relying on data to inform their decision-making processes. By integrating Dealroom's data enrichment services into Dialllog's CRM platform, investment funds and deal-making teams can seamlessly access the data they need to optimize their fundraising, sourcing, investment and other processes and strengthen relationships with their entire ecosystem.

About Dialllog CRM

Dialllog CRM (www.dialllog.co) provides customer relationship management SaaS for private equity and venture capital funds as well as corporate finance teams. Dialllog simplifies fundraising and investment processes by creating a single real-time source of truth for the team. Dialllog CRM is focused on ease-of-use, powerful features that help teams of all sizes manage their relationships and gain a competitive advantage. Key features include:

  • Fundraising, deal flow, due diligence, and investment management workflows
  • Integration with email and calendar
  • KPI tracking and real-time information requests from third parties
  • Bulk mailing for fundraising and other personalised outreach to partner ecosystem
The vision of Dialllog is to revolutionize relationship-focused industries by replacing outdated CRMs with an innovative approach to collaboration and management of relationship data

About Dealroom.co

Dealroom.co is a leading data provider for the tech industry, providing comprehensive data on companies, investors, and industries. With a combination of AI and human expertise, Dealroom.co collects, verifies, and analyzes information to help businesses make better decisions.


Karina Collis, CEO of Dialllog, karinacollis@dialllog.co