All-in-One Venture Capital CRM


What is Dialllog?

Dialllog is the first project-based Venture Capital CRM software designed specifically for VC funds to manage their entire investment cycle.

No more endless Excel spreadsheets, docs, notes and emails. Dialllog brings all the sporadic information into one VC software to create data-driven workflows.

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Enjoy clarity - information organised right from the beginning of the investment process
Manage all your workflows from fundraising to VC deal flow management and LP communication
Enjoy clarity - information organised right from the beginning
Manage all your workflows from fundraising to investment management and LP communication

Dialllog is the best CRM for VC Funds
that can cover the entire workflow

What makes Dialllog 100% unique:
Information is organised around projects, unlike in existing VC CRMs
Ultrafast deep search retrieves the information you need, even within attached files
The platform mirrors Venture Capital investor thinking and behaviour

Manage all the stages
of your VC investments

Manage all the stages
of your VC investments

Bring speed and efficiency into your VC fundraising process
Spot the "soonicorn" in your dealflow management pipeline
Manage the deep dive in one place transparently



Due Diligence

Our Venture Capital CRM Software Includes

Get the best overview of all your VC portfolio to see who leads
Send reports and newsletters, keep all LP communications in one place
Be on top of your to-dos and your team's priorities

Portfolio Management

LP Management

Task Management

Track board meetings, special projects or exit discussions with your portfolio company

Investment Management


Manage co-investments, syndicates and relationships with VC advisors
Workflows to manage the full VC investment cycle
Other Features
VC Due Diligence templates to save time
Information sharing for Venture Capital team collaboration
De-cluttered interfaces to keep it simple
Integrated with your team's mailbox
and calendar
API-first, cloud architecture for easy integrations

Replace them all with Dialllog,
the all-in-one CRM for VCs

See what others don't
Which potential VC investors are showing
the most interest in our new fund?
What was the name of that entrepreneur I met at a conference in Berlin two years ago?
Who in the team has the best connections to the Board of this company?
Who could be a good CFO candidate
for our portfolio company?
How can I accelerate the due-diligence process?
How can we adjust our sourcing
to generate a more unique VC deal flow?
Which portfolio companies will need more funding this year?
Which sources generate the best deals for us?

Dialllog has been specifically designed for:

Venture capital funds

Growth equity funds

Private equity funds

Family offices
Corporate ventures

Corporate finance teams

Venture builders


Angel investor groups

Funds of funds

SPVs and investor syndicates

And many more ..

How is Dialllog CRM different?

A new approach to digitalising all your workflows, not just your sourcing pipeline
Dialllog is a CRM software for venture capital funds that introduces a new approach to digitalising all your workflows, not just your sourcing pipeline.

It brings all of your team's vc activities into one place and removes information silos.
stay on top of all the existing and future deals
Designing your workflows is as easy as building lego. Our CRM helps VCs stay on top of all the existing and future deals, co-investors, LPs, advisors, and much more. This way Dialllog gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most.

Dialllog helps you to make innovation happen fast which is
what makes it the best CRM for venture capital out there.

Don't bend to the ordinary,
forge your workstyle with Dialllog
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