Digital CRM assosiate for progress-driven
investment teams and deal-makers
Welcome your new team member

One place for all your projects
  • To nurture and expand relationships in your ecosystem,
  • To uncover unique investment opportunities,
  • To execute and win when new opportunities emerge,
  • To help grow your investments,
You need many different resources or just one, Dialog.
DIALOG merges relationship management and project management to transform the way you collaborate as a team, allowing you to manage all your relationships and workflows in one place, from initial fundraising to investing and managing your portfolio.
СRM + Project Management to move faster

Dialog is designed to become your team's operating system that binds together all your daily activities and allows you to improve your team's productivity and performance.

Dialog creates a single workspace environment where you can share and leverage each other's knowledge and network, manage projects and plan next steps as a team.
ALL in one place
to gain clarity and insights

Dropping information into a CRM is easy today. But finding the right piece of information fast when you need it most, is really what it is all about.
Remove noise
to find the needle in the haystack

In Dialog, information is structured and organised right from the beginning so that you know where to find it and get there in a few clicks.
every day Dialog answers
your team's questions to see what others don't
Which potential investors are showing
the most interest in our new fund?
What was the name of that entrepreneur I met at a conference in Berlin two years ago?
Who in the team has the best connections to the Board of this company?
Who could be a good CFO candidate
for our portfolio company?
How can I accelerate the due-diligence process?
How can we adjust our sourcing
to generate a more unique deal flow?
Which portfolio companies will need more funding this year?
Which sources generate the best deals for us?
Dialog turns your daily activities into structured projects
allowing the entire team to collaborate
Foster relationships
Dialog expands your network bringing together your team's connections so that together you can reach far and wide, gaining advantage in the industry

Connect the dots
Every day you talk to many companies and people. Dialog organises all these interactions into timeline threads, allowing you to connect the dots when needed
Clearly see the horizon
Dialog looks at each of your workflows as a project. Every move is captured, giving you a clear sight of the next milestones and timeline towards completion

Win together
With Dialog there is no need for endless team calls. Progress on any topic is captured and shared, allowing to exchange views and leverage each other's intelligence
What Dialog does for your team
Generate insights and benefit from collective intelligence
Manage all events in one place
Every project, from fundraising and deal sourcing to suggesting a new hire to your portfolio companies, are managed in one place
Leverage your team's networks
Connect to the right people faster by leveraging your team's entire contact history transparently
Collaborate in real time
Share insights and progress in real-time with your team members inside Dialog and across your favourite communication channels
Let AI free your time
NLP-enhanced data entry, power search, pre-populated information about people, companies and smart reminders
Stay on top of your daily priorities
Task management, dynamic dashboards, team's calendar and and timelines prioritise your daily tasks
Don't miss any information
Capture newsflows, financial stats and key investment process documents
No clutter, focus on what's matter
Decluttered, essentialist interfaces, intuitive navigation get you to the right information faster
Integrate with your favourite apps
Slack, Monday, Notion, LinkedIn and many more integrations for a unified workplace
Optimise your workspace with Dialog
Our story

Dialog is a SaaS platform designed by a team of experienced investors and deal-makers who decided to push the boundaries beyond existing CRMs that are made for salespeople to sell but not designed to help investors succeed in investing.

As an investment team, we needed a much better tool and we decided to create a game-changing solution. The story of Dialog began.


The vision was to create a superior tool that would empower team collaboration and follow our investor workflows. A tool that would support investment teams in all their activities: from networking to fundraising, investing, managing portfolio companies all the way through the exit. But also a tool that would be so easy to use that one could think of it as a valuable team member, a clever associate taking care of repetitive tasks swiftly and providing investors with actionable insights and intelligence across the whole investment team.

Activities organised around projects, not contacts

What started as a simple CRM became the OS of our business with a new formula: organising all our activities and interactions around projects rather than contacts and companies, simplifying access to our collective intelligence and making sure we all benefited from it. So while team members came and went, the intelligence stayed and our history was built.

Eventually, we understood that our clever associate could become a gear shifting app for the investment world and decided to share it with you.

We invite venture capital and private equity teams, corporate finance and M&A advisors, corporate development organisations and other deal-makers to experience the power of Dialog, your efficient team associate.
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