Our story

Dialog is a SaaS platform designed by a team of experienced investors and deal-makers who decided to push the boundaries beyond existing CRMs that are made for salespeople to sell but not designed to help investors succeed in investing.

As an investment team, we needed a much better tool and we decided to create a game-changing solution. The story of Dialog began.

The vision was to create a superior tool that would empower team collaboration and follow our investor workflows. A tool that would support investment teams in all their activities: from networking to fundraising, investing, managing portfolio companies all the way through the exit. But also a tool that would be so easy to use that one could think of it as a valuable team member, a clever associate taking care of repetitive tasks swiftly and providing investors with actionable insights and intelligence across the whole investment team.

Activities organised around projects, not contacts

What started as a simple CRM became the OS of our business with a new formula: organising all our activities and interactions around projects rather than contacts and companies, simplifying access to our collective intelligence and making sure we all benefited from it. So while team members came and went, the intelligence stayed and our history was built.

Eventually, we understood that our clever associate could become a gear shifting app for the investment world and decided to share it with you.

We invite venture capital and private equity teams, corporate finance and M&A advisors, corporate development organisations and other deal-makers to experience the power of Dialog, your efficient team associate.
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